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NEW rock'n'roll community: glamouramour 
11:43pm 01/06/2006
  hey, not sure if this counts as "spamming", mods delete this if it is, my apologies. however i just made a community--- it should be of intrigue to those who are in this one---


first community i've ever made, it's for all things rock'n'roll, it's about your rockstar lifestyle, it's about music, it's about the bands, it's about the excess, the fashion, it's about showcasing your rock band to like-minded individuals, it's about finding more/new bands you('ll) love, it's about those rockstars we love

... essentially it's about all things rock. sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.

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yeah, yeah, yeah 
01:33am 24/02/2006
mood: curious
well its been a while since ive updated on here, mainly due to lack of interest by members and outside parties, but im bored.

so anyway, has anyone heard anything about the new Velvet Revolver album? i know the title is Libertad, and that its a concept album due this summer...

more info would be nice...
10:13pm 06/09/2005
  September 16th-Billy Idol (w/ coupons-11 dollars)
October 7th-The Foo Fighters f/ Weezer($29.50, upper bowl)
*November 6th-Audioslave f/ Seether (barf) ($39.50)

*no one to go with

interested? i know you are dave, but any others, especially for Audioslave?
12:21pm 04/09/2005
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I found this the other day on the website that i get all the funny shit i find.
I think it beats your "tiny man humping pig" because it has to do with rock.
oh yeah, i win
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11:13am 03/09/2005
  I would just like to make a statement saying the Greg is a very sexy dude.  
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09:27pm 02/09/2005
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I'm Lookin' For A New Way To Die 
11:36am 02/09/2005
mood: enjoying my cd
ok, well heres the first music related post...

recommended albums;

Stone Temple Pilots-Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican
ok, this album is an excellent follow up to STP's album Purple. classic style, with a cleaner, crisper sound then the previous two albums. Scott Weyland is finally coming into his voice on this album; the band makes the leap from a grunge/pearl jam sounding band, to a classic sound with influence from Pink Floyd to that very Grunge sound they were once a part of. Weyland comes with an original voice that sounds like a Mix of Roger Waters and Bon Scott, and then his own twist that comes from somewhere in that twisted mind of his. Dean DeLeo brings his heavy sound to a band that has a very unique and upbeat sound. this album is not as heavy as Core or Purple, and they bring some unique sounds into the mix like china symbols, and less distortion. some sounds have a very forgein sound, that Dean DeLeo gives life to with his riffs and presents the bands new sound with confidence. Robert DeLeo uses his bass as both a rythems guitar, and a bass, keeping the basic riff going while Dean plays off with one of his many riffs, yet remaining a powerful backbone to the band. by lacking a rythem guitarist, this is vital to the bands success. Eric Kretz proves that you can have a basic drum set, but still can be a solid player. he has some very good rythems, especially in the song Lady Picture sound. the drums are consistent, and have a quality that some bands do not. not fast and over powering, which really ruins the sound of the drums; but styled and smooth. hits off this album include Big Bang Babies, Lady Picture Show, and Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart. other notable songs from the album are Tumble in the Rough, Art School Girl, and Pop's Love Suicide. **** out of *****
She Was A Sour Girl The Day That She Met me 
01:46am 02/09/2005
mood: relaxed
ok, lets try this again...

this is a new community for anyone, but expecially for those who love rock n' roll

join, you know you want to... i said do it!
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new community 
09:14pm 02/02/2005
mood: rockin'
this community is a community devoted to rock music, and great times. concert info, parties, etc. may all be posted here, and everyone can feel free to debate music, and nething else if u wish. anyone who knows what iot is to rock is invited to join.